Yoga Classes

Monday 6 – 7pm, $15 General Level
Immaculate Conception Church Hall,
cnr of George and James Street

Wednesday 6 – 7pm, $15 General Level Yoga
New Lambton Community Centre
14 Alma Road, New Lambton

What to Bring to Yoga

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing – like tights, cotton pants, shorts, t-shirt
  • Have a reasonably empty stomach – best if you haven’t eaten within 1 – 2 hours of the class time
  • Water (if you are a thirsty sort of person and more so in summer)
  • Your own Yoga mat (we do supply them however it’s so much better on your own mat = your vibes)
  • A blanket (to sit on for meditation and to cover your body when cool in relaxation – also as a Yoga prop for certain postures)

60 Responses to Yoga Classes

  1. Liz says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your classes. You guys have so much experience, and I felt so relaxed and stretched after you class. Thanks a million!

  2. Thomasen says:

    Hi, how much is the class at Wallsend? Can we just turn up or should we call you in advance? Thanks, Thomasen

  3. Thomasen says:


  4. elizabeth says:

    hi there, is your thursday am class at wallsend still on? ta

    • No its not – the venue could not renew their lease so we could not continue at that venue. We only have the Tuesday night venue at the moment but we are considering to change it. Sorry for any inconvenience to you and hope Tuesday night suits you. Eloise

    • HI Elizabeth – No we were advised by the owner that the rent could not be renewed and so the venue was not available. This was unfortunately after we had already done all our advertising posters – so sorry if you have seen a poster that talks of this class. The class in Wallsend is on Tuesday night however we are keeping details of people interested in attending a morning class. Kind regards and hope to see you at Yoga, Eloise

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi, I’ve never experienced yoga but has always interest me, I am hoping to go to Morpeth session ? Would this suit or be too difficult?
    Thank you

    • Hi Brenda – come along to the Thursday evening session which is more suited to beginner level – it is taught as Easy/Restorative Yoga and many beginners have started this year. Simply wear loose comfortable clothing and turn up, we supply the mats. Arrive 10 minutes early – 6.20pm – so you can familiarize with the space and fill out an indemnity form. Kind regards, Eloise

  6. elizabeth says:

    Thanks Eloise, I’m looking for some day classes but tuesday night might be ok I just want to do more than one a week. Are kids ok to come and do they pay the same? cheers

  7. Just wondered what’s the difference between easy and general level yoga? I have never done yoga before and was wondering which level of yoga would be best to start with? I live close to both wallsend and new lambton.

    • Hi Jenna – Great question. Easy Yoga – a sequence of gentler postures/stretches that aim to stretch all main muscles and joints of the body, done in coordination with the breath. Variations and alternatives are given if any stretch is too challenging. Easy yoga is suited for beginners, woman during menstruation, if you feel exhausted and dont want too strong a class. You will still need to work on alignment and developing core strength with abdominal exercises. General Yoga is a step up – where the postures/stretches are more advanced. Students who have been coming more regularly usually attend this class and/or if you already feel fit and up for a more dynamic class.

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  9. Tina says:

    I am currently pregnant and wondering if the yoga at Wallsend can incorporate pregnancy yoga and I would love to get back into classes.

    • Hi Tina – The Wallsend class is Easy Yoga – so you should be fine to attend this class because it is more gentle than our General level classes. However you may discover as your pregnancy develops that you may want particular postures specific to you and also to be in class with other pregnant ladies. I have a girlfriend who attended a prenatal class in Cooks Hill and she loved it. Is that too far for you to travel? If not, I can get the details for you. best wishes and you are welcome to start with us, Eloise

  10. Natalie Williams says:

    Sorry have now read above comments with regards to wallsend pricing.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie – but i think I will make it more prominent so peeps dont have to search for those sort of details! You are more than welcome to drop in to one of the classes! all the best, Eloise

  11. Hanna says:

    Hi, a friend and I would like to start doing yoga and Morpeth is very close to us. Are these still on? And is this a $15 class?

    • Hi Hanna, Yes both classes are still on. Monday at 6pm and Thursday at 6.30pm. They are $15 each, however if you attend on Monday night the Thursday is $10 of the same week. Hope to meet you soon!, Eloise

  12. lesley says:

    I would be interested in a morning class at Wallsend if one starts there again. Are there any other morning classes?

    • Hi Lesley, Thanks for letting us know. It really does help us decide where we start our next class when we receive feedback from people. Liam who will be teaeching that class is going to India in September for more training, so anything we decide to do will be from October. We are considering a morning class in either Wallsend or New Lambton. If you dont mind, I will put your email on the list of people who want to attend this and i’ll be in touch when it’s organised. Thanks again, Eloise

  13. Fyona says:

    Hi there,
    my Daughter (Ruby) and I would like to start yoga with you guys – Ruby is almost 11, very ‘settled’. Our closest venue would be Morpeth. Would this be okay?

    • Hi Fyona, thanks for your enquiry. You and your daughter would be best to attend the Thursday Easy Yoga/Restorative yoga class which runs from 6.30 – 7.45. I’ll let Liam know that you intend to start. If Ruby finds it too long, then she will discover that I guess from attending and trying a class. Usually when we have a younger friend start at classes they start off ok for the first 40 minutes but find it hard to sustain interest towards the end of the class – just see how Ruby goes. As long as she is quiet and not really disruptive then everyone wont even notice! Kind regards, Eloise

  14. Alan Taylor says:

    Hello Eloise. I am going to attend the New Lambton class, as I live in Waratah with no car and can walk to it. I have been doing it at Wests for a short time, but am interested in attending your class. I actually tried to find out the contact details of it a while back online, and ended up calling Wendy Osland and was saying there is yoga at Alma Road, but couldn’t get any further information on your class. However I spoke to someone in my yesterdays class who has been to your class, and was able to point me in the right direction. The online search for Newcastle Yoga classes doesn’t seem to readily bring up your class as one of many options. I got Wendy’s number, and thought your class was her class. If you need more numbers, getting the info readily available to a generic online Newcastle yoga search would be valuable. Just a thought.

    • Thanks Alan – I read this last year and was a bit stressed to see you are correct that we didnt have a great search result when looking for Newcastle Yoga classses – indeed we have remained quite small and relied more on word of mouth than any major advertising. Over the new year we got some help from someone to improve our google search capacity – so we should come up now. I hope you might join us for hte New Lambton class – and thanks again for your feedback above. Kind regards Eloise

  15. Hi,
    Im interested in starting yoga. Do you still run the Thursday class in Morpeth??? I have only done one class a while ago. what do you recommend?

    Thank you

  16. Ally Sager says:

    Do we need to book before turning up to classes at morpeth?

  17. Barbara whiteman says:

    I would like to enrol in beginner yoga , evening class, in Maryland. Commencing 3/2/14. Could you please supply details including where and cost. Cheers, Barb Whiteman.

  18. kc-jade devon says:

    Iv been on the search for a yoga class for sometime now with no luck. O love close to wallsend and od seen a poster in wallsend ( not sure if it was from your company yoga class or not but thpught id ask 🙂 I was wondering times ots held and how long each lesson goes for? Also cost and what we will learn during the course? Id love to join 🙂
    Hope to hear back 🙂
    Thanks so much

  19. Jade says:

    Are the classes still on Tuesday nights at Wallsend? My friend & I are beignets but really want to start ? Thanks

    • Hi Jade, Yes the classes are still on Tuesday nights! You and your friend are more than welcome to attend – just turn up – we supply the mats, however you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. Have a great weekend, Eloise

  20. Sophia says:

    I would like to attend your yoga classes held in Morpeth. I have practiced yoga for many years however i am looking for a local class to attened.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sophie – thanks for your comment – you are welcome to attend either the Monday (General level) or Thursday (Easier level) class at Morpeth. I think if you have practiced for so long that Monday night would suit you better. Sarah is currently taking this class while i on maternity leave. It’s a great group of welcoming people and you dont need to pre-book, simply wear loose, comfy clothes and turn up. We supply mats however if you have your own bring that to double up on the wooden floor. Now its getting cooler i’d also bring a blanket along to classes.
      kind regards, Eloise

  21. Kirra Schaufler says:

    hi i was wondering about the location of the yoga at morpeth??

    • Hi Kirra – Immaculate Conception Church Hall,
      cnr of George and James Street
      is where you will find the yoga hall.
      It’s parallel to the main street, but a couple of streets back.
      Kind regards

  22. Linda cade says:

    Hi Eloise
    Just checking that the yoga classes at Maryland Community Centre are still running.

    Thank you

    • HI Linda, Thanks for checking in. Yes they are still on – Liam (the teacher) is attending his yoga therapy training course in Sydney these next two weeks. This means we have cancelled some classes.

      Marylands – Thursday and Saturday class have been cancelled until the 6th and 8th November respectively.
      I hope this doesnt inconvenience you too greatly,
      kind regards

  23. Jill says:

    Hi Linda, I am 62 years young and have never done yoga although I do go to a gym. I would like to attend at New Lambton if this is still an option. Can you please let me know the times. Do you have a day time class in Newcastle area. Thanks Jill

    • Hi Jill – come on down to the class tonight if you like – we would love to meet you, Liam will be teaching the class and I will be teaching it from the New Year. We can variations so anything you don’t want to do we find alternatives. If you are going to the gym no doubt you will be fine at the class – generally it’s learning the new moves that is most overwhelming but once you are familiar with them it is not so daunting. Well done for starting so young!!! Awesome!

  24. Kerrie says:

    Hi, After seeing posters for yoga on Wednesdays at New Lambton, I thought I’d like to join you. Do I need to book or what time should I show up? Is it held upstairs? I saw some martial arts kids there as well. Cheers, Kerrie

  25. Belinda says:

    Can anyone turn up to the Monday evening class at Morpeth? I’d like to come to the class tomorrow. Regards Belinda

  26. Kristy says:

    Hello, do you a spare spot for another yoga student over the next couple of Wed nights in New Lambton?

  27. Susan Taylor says:

    Haven’t done yoga before. I’m interested in trying it for health reasons.
    Are the classes at the above times still going? Morpeth is where I would be interested in going too.

    • Yes Susan the classes are still on at Morpeth – you are more than welcome to come along! The Thursday class is easier and more suitable for beginners. We hope to see you tonight maybe 🙂 Eloise

  28. Elise says:

    Hi I would like to know if my 13 teen year old daughter can join in on a Morpeth class?

    • Hi Elise, It’s a strong class – if you think she would be ok and attentive then sure thing. There arnt any other younger girls at the class so i’d hope she would feel ok about that. My main concern would be if it was too quick or intense and she then lost interest. You could always come for a sample class 🙂

  29. Hi there … I’m looking at your New Lambton classes … do you have spare spots, and is it suitable for beginners? Tx

    • Yes Tara you are more than welcome to come along. You dont need to pre-book. The class is slightly stronger than absolute beginners however if you do other exercise you should find it fine to follow. We would love to have you along. Eloise

  30. LWilliams says:

    Where is the Wallsend Class held?

  31. Drew Cross-Johnston says:

    I live in East Maitland and was wondering if the Morpeth classes cater for beginners?

    • Hi Drew – it’s a bit stronger than beginner level – however if you are fit and willing i would definitely come and give it a go. Everything is guided and demonstrated and we always have new people attending the class. You are welcome – we’d love you to come. Eloise

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